Designed in Sweden Since 1983

Every pair of Ten Points is designed in Ängeholm, Sweden. Swedish design is considered minimalist, with an emphasis on functionality and simple clean lines with a slow fashion in mind.

We are a Swedish family thats been in the shoe business for over 50 years and are proud over our Swedish heritage and shoes thats been handmade in Portugal since 1983.

Already from the beginning we have been inspired by the Swedish simplicity, Scandinavian nature and living. We target the modern consumers with a strong sense of quality and a flair for slow fashion footwear.

Each pair of our high quality leather shoes are manufactured by hand in Europe with respect for the environment and a focus on high wearing comfort plus an inimitable design signature combined with amazing color range and unique look.


Sustainable fashion is both a trend and a movement growing fast. For us, though, it has been a part of our vision and collection for many years. In order to keep doing what we do we have to look at many aspects, the impact on our environment not the least. Sustainability looks different for each brand and company but for us these are the key points.

Our Steps to Ensure Sustainability

Slow fashion – with a classic, modern design that will last over more than one season.

Quality – that lets the shoes last longer and by that decrease the consumption. For this to work you need to take good care of your shoes, treating them with love and care.

Local production –  for us Portugal was the closest and best production country. Our factories follow the REACH agreement and EU law regarding working conditions, rules and salaries.

Recycled materials – we only use recycled materials in all boxes, hang tags and paper products.

Upper materials – we only use upper leather that are either vegetable tanned, chrome-free or heavy metal free.

Lining materials – we only use linings that are either chrome-free leathers or wool. The wool is always non mulesing certificated.

Minimise waste – and therefore you might sometimes see small spots or marks on the leather. This “non perfect”, ever so beautiful leather is natural and unique.