Canadian Distributor of Glerups

From humble origins working out of a shipping container “warehouse” in the mid-1990’s, Tin Shack became Canada’s source for Blundstone boots and Glerups slippers.

Blundstone and Glerups today enjoy top-of-category positions in Canada.

Tin Shack strives to be supplier of choice, working over three decades to nurture extremely close bonds with footwear retailers in every corner of Canada. A national sales force is “first-name basis” with each valued retailer. We create dealer-specific and national marketing materials in-house, with multi-media programs that hit the ground running.

Real-time inventory management tools such as SAP and NuOrder provide retailers with easy ordering and streamlined fulfilment, so they can spend more time on the floor fitting their customers in comfortable footwear and less time processing paperwork. Distribution is expedited and supported by a dedicated Tin Shack fleet of delivery vehicles.

Tin Shack provides comfort at every touch point and celebrates its position as “Best path to success in the Canadian footwear market.”